Whether you are a beginner looking for a small wave or a pro wanting to challenge bigger waves, Madeira will give you what you are looking for.


Madeira Island Surfing

Madeira Island is considered by many as the Hawaii of Europe. The quality of the waves, the water temperature and the climate with an average temperature of 21º C during the year, sun, landscapes and proximity to the Europe makes it a destination of choice for Surfing or Stand Up Paddle. The “secret spots” only accessible by boat, and known by the natives, allow you to surf alone the best and most unique waves.

Professionals and surf lovers are simply in awe of the excellent surfing conditions present on Madeira Island. Due to its strategic location, Madeira experienced big swells that rise and fall too quickly. Madeira archipelago is a privileged spot to receive swells of the North Atlantic and has all sorts of waves, from point breaks to reef breaks.

*Should bring: swimsuit and towel.

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