This route with amazing views runs through the central mountain massif, which connects two highest peaks of Madeira Island. This trail is very uneven therefore physically demanding!

Pico Arrieiro Pico Ruivo

With an amazing view, this hike connects two of the highest peaks of Madeira Island: Pico Ruivo (1 862 m) and Pico do Arrieiro (1 818 m), hiking through the Central Mountain Massif area. This trail is very uneven therefore physically demanding. Among the climbs and descents along the trail, there is a steep climb over hundreds of steps carved into the rock as you reach Pico Ruivo, as well as a steep descent. This is an excellent trail for nature enthusiasts and for those who seek physical challenges

Duration: 4h30m
Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 12 km

Recommendation: bring a hiking stick, appropriate footwear, sufficient amount of water, and an waterproof jacket.

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