is performed in several places of Madeira Island: for beginners there is a special climbing wall with grips for hands and feet, for low/medium level Baía d’Abra located in Madeira Natural Park, and for advanced activity is carried out in Pico do Arrieiro, the third highest peak of Madeira.

Climbing Baptism

People who want to get acquainted with the “world of ropes”. The activity will be performed at a special climbing wall – an artificially constructed wall with grips for hands and feet. Begins with the presentation of equipment and safety regulations. Then abseiling will be the first activity where you will learn techniques of roping, descending and blocking. Climbing follows at different levels of difficulty. Finally, there will be a 70 meters descent in the zip line to relax muscles. As a souvenir, guests will receive a certificate of climbing baptism.

Climbing in Caniçal

Caniçal is located in the east of Madeira Island, inside of Madeira Natural Park, more precisely in Baía d’Abra, where rocks and sea come together to form a unique landscape. The level of difficulty is low/medium with routes of a maximum 15 meters height, and is suitable for all ages with/without experience.

At first, safety rules briefing, material usage and climbing techniques. The climb will start from easier walls, and gradually upgrade to more difficult. In total 4 routes are to be climbed, each one with different features.

Climbing in Pico do Arrieiro

This activity will be performed in Pico do Arieiro, the third highest peak in Madeira (1818 meters). The place is very silent, and it helps to concentrate and balance, making this activity a real energy charger.

Safety rules and the related techniques are focused in the beginning. Safety rules briefing, material usage and climbing techniques. The climb will start from easier walls 10 metres height , and gradually upgrade to more difficult routes with more technical and difficult ones of 30 metres height.

*Should bring: sports sneakers.

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