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Full list of all available activities in Madeira Island. We picked the best hosts in each niche. Get in, choose activity and book!

Tours in Madeira Pricing

Canyoning60 €
Climbing60 €
Coasteering60 €
Dolphins watching49.50 €
Stand Up Paddle60 €
Surfing60 €
Swimming with dolphins65 €
East tour30 €
Nun`s Valley tour20 €
West tour30 €
Walking tours:
Levada das 25 Fontes35 €
Levada Norte28 €
Pico Arrieiro Pico Ruivo35 €

List of all activities

Canyoning in Madeira

Canyoning in Madeira is considered by professional as one of the best in Europe. Madeira Island offers exceptional conditions for canyoning practicing.

Climbing in Madeira

Climbing is performed in several places of Madeira Island: for beginners there is a special climbing wall with grips for hands and feet, for low/medium level Baía d’Abra located in Madeira Natural Park, and for advanced activity is carried out in Pico do Arrieiro, the third highest peak of Madeira.

Coasteering in Madeira

Coasteering is performed in the eastern part of Madeira, at natural reserve with unique landscape: including amazing rock formations, endemic plants and crystal clear sea. That place is optimal for practicing coasteering!

Dolphins watching

Dolphins watching in Madeira is an unforgettable experience worth trying! Don`t regret yourself to spend 2-3 hours watching flocks of beautiful creatures.

East tour in Madeira

East tour of Madeira Island gives you chance to see different climates within same day: high peaks from Pico Arrieiro point (1 810 m), eucalyptus and pine forest, beautiful rural landscapes of Santo da Serra and much more!

Nun`s Valley Tour

Nun`s Valley (Curral das Freiras), a small isolated town surrounded by steep mountains, is located in the heart of Madeira Island.

West tour in Madeira

This excursion route is one of spectacular in Madeira, that is why west tour is very popular among tourists. During the day you will see a great diversity of Madeira nature.

Stand up Paddle in Madeira

Slide on water with a board and a paddle, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Madeira island.

Surfing in Madeira

Whether you are a beginner looking for a small wave or a pro to challenge bigger waves, Madeira will give you what you are looking for.

Swimming with dolphins in Madeira

It is also possible to swim with dolphins. Please note: swimming with dolphins is done in a calm and safe way, so that you can fully enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience without causing stress or discomfort to you and sea creatures.

Levada das 25 Fontes

Levada das 25 Fontes is one of the most famous hikes in Madeira. You will see old laurels and heathers, as well as an unforgettable 25 fountains.

Levada Norte

A walk with a magnificent panoramic view over towns of Câmara de Lobos and Campanário. You will see green fields, carefully cared for plantations, as well as sets of houses and buildings that form the villages. It is a very pleasant walk that can be done at any time of the year thanks to the mild climate of the south coast of Madeira Island.

Pico Arrieiro Pico Ruivo Hiking Tour

Pico Arrieiro Pico Ruivo hiking tour with amazing views runs through the central mountain massif, which connects two highest peaks of Madeira Island. This trail is very uneven therefore physically demanding!

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